Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mysterious Dog!

And Oh so Artistic too!

I like this disguise

Found uploading images quite easy with Blogger!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flickr in a hurry....

Flickr looks great but I need to spend more time browsing. Certainly a treasure trove for voyeaurs.... Or if you haven't had a holiday overseas in a long time. Great I guess so that Auntie Betty and Uncle Stan can see your wedding pictures without inviting them to the event.....

Will be adding my own photos soon because I like to show my own work!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Notes on How to use a Library Self Check

Emma (8) describes how to use the Self Check at her local library! Well schooled of course by moi!

"When you want to take a book out you place the card on the red light on the bar code and then put the book on it until it makes a thud then you take the book and card out then a recipe comes out"


Finding my Way

Well I am finding my way as I go and enjoying edit functions so I can go back and fix my typos. Watch this blog for photos...should be easy to do that..............but maybe that is what Flickr is for, I am getting ahead of myself............

Mass Librarians online

Well here it is, my comments about the best ways to Blog. With mass librarians online, already in front of me, this Blog should be called the one that time forgot.

I will be making my postings covering world events, local events and life in the suburbs and life in the suburban library teaching search skills......and life as a Luddite at home (or the technologically undernourished).